Twitter Blue Subscription service will cost $3 per month confirmed

Update: Jane Manchun Wong, who already hinted at what Twitter Blue service would have. Now has discovered a purchase option in Twitter’s App Store listing, for a Twitter Blue tier that costs $2.99 per month, confirming a lot of things about Twitter’s new paid service. Jane has shared some of those features in her tweets (shown below) which include color themes and custom app icons, a ‘Reader mode’ that is listed as coming soon.

Original article: The rumored Twitter subscription service might have a name and a price tag. Jane Manchun Wong, a code sleuth, claims she has discovered resources indicating the service will be called Twitter Blue and will cost $3 per month. You’ll get a few previously leaked features, such as Undo Tweets and Collections, which let you arrange saved tweets, for your cash.

Wong added that the service could have different tiers and different functionality. She speculated that a clutter-free reading experience from Twitter’s recent Scroll acquisition might be included in the more expensive option.

The technique would not be shocking if correct. Twitter would set a low price to entice as many followers as possible, but a higher price would entice the more loyal fans able to spend more. Twitter Blue, along with Tip Jar, will be part of a larger initiative to reduce Twitter’s dependence on advertising and stabilize its revenue.

Of course, whether it succeeds is another matter — many people are used to Twitter being free, and there’s no guarantee that even regular users would pay to upgrade their social media experience.



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