After predicting the latest Twitter Blue Service months earlier from its launch, researcher Jane Manchun Wong is back with some details about new features that Twitter is currently planning to launch later this year. These new features include – “Change Who Can Reply”, “Safety Mode” and a “raised hand emoji reaction” in Twitter Spaces. Let’s talk about it in little detail further

The “Change Who Can Reply” feature. With this, users may share a tweet and choose who may reply and whether or not they wish to allow responses at all. The company is now testing the ability to modify who may react to a tweet after it has been sent.

The “Safety Mode” settings page is another feature that the social network is planning on adding. With this option enabled, accounts that use bad language or make repeat, unwanted comments will be automatically blocked for seven days. This functionality will not automatically ban accounts you follow or engage with often.

Last but not least, the raised hand emoji reaction in Twitter Spaces. Apart from the existing reactions, this raised hand emoji might be used by a participant to ask to speak, as it does in video conferencing programs like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and others.

The original tweets from researcher Jane Manchun Wong on these new features can be seen below:

  • Change who can reply
  • Safety Mode
  • Raised Hand emoji reaction


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