Twitter will be buying Scroll, is it planning to bundle services?

Twitter is currently working on creating a new kind of subscription plan that will include Scroll.

Scroll CEO Tony Haile has stated in a post that one reason he sold his company is that Twitter’s ambitions are larger than people might suspect. Scroll happens to be an Indian digital news publication which is owned by Scroll Media.

It was Founded in 2014, the website and its journalists have won many national and international awards. The Hindi Language edition of Scroll has been published on the Satyagrah website.

The Scroll service utilizes third-party cookies or browser extensions to tell websites to not serve ads to its user. It’s really not an ad-blocker as of itself but instead, it sends a portion of the subscription fee to the websites being visited. As it’s being acquired by Twitter now, it will no longer accept new signups, though nothing can be expected to change in the short term for existing customers.

It’s a bit difficult to determine exactly what Twitter intends to do with Scroll. Twitter is most likely building a subscription service that will hold together a bunch of services, but what exactly will be included, its cost, and who will have a share in the revenue stays known to Twitter only. Scroll has claimed that its users send more money to news sites via its subscriptions than its ads would.

Twitter will be buying Scroll, is it planning to bundle services?

Another possibility that stands, is a service that’s competitive in some ways if not much, with Apple News. In other words, Twitter is looking to get an advantage for holding its central place in the online lives of many journalists and newshounds. Haile has also written that he hopes Scroll will make Twitter a great gathering of people who love the news and pay to sustainably support it.

Twitter was asked if it could be more specific and in an emailed statement reply a spokesperson has written that no specifics to share as they’re still in the early stages, but they are hoping to share more on this, later this year.

The opportunity to mix and match individual subscriptions and news reading experiences are quite vast in itself. Twitter’s going to have its work it’s way out for explaining it to the users.



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