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Hey readers, have you ever heard that a watch can save someone’s life. But, this is true. The Apple Watch helped the newborn to be stable when an unexpected birth happened on the flight.

On April 28, when the Delta flight was on board from Salt Lake City, UtahUtah to Honolulu, Hawaii, a female named Lavinia gave birth to a baby in the 29th week( 11 weeks before mature delivery) when she herself was not even aware about her pregnancy.

What’s The Full Story?

On the flight, the mother gave birth to the baby Raymond Mounga in the 29th week but the real task was to keep the premature baby safe without having the required equipment. Luckily, there were 3 nurses and 1 physician on board. The physician Dr. Glenn told that “they used bottles that were microwaved to use as baby warmers and an Apple Watch for other purposes.

Lavinia Mounga and Dr. Dale Glenn posing after Mounga's gave birth aboard a Delta flight to Hawaii
Lavinia Mounga and Dr. Dale Glenn posing after Mounga’s gave birth aboard a Delta flight to Hawaii. HAWAII PACIFIC HEALTH

How The Apple Watch Helped?

The Apple Watch helped measure the heart rate of the baby and helped keep the baby safe. Although, it’s been many times when the Apple Watch has proved life-saving. In Feb 2020, an incident in Oklahoma proved this as a school kid was saved when the watch alerted him about his heart rate and later it was found that he suffered Supraventricular Tachycardia.

But what about the mother and baby afterwards. The nurse Mimi Ho ( NICU nurse ) said that “It’s been kind of crazy since that happened. After the landing mother and baby were taken to the Kapiolani Medical Centre, where they will remain until the baby becomes healthy to go home.”



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