AirPods Pro 2022 Redesign Will Track Your Activities

AirPods Pro 2022 Redesign

According to a new Bloomberg story, Apple’s high-end AirPods Pro truly wireless earbuds could get a redesign in 2022 that will allow them to track your activities.

The storey also confirms prior reports that Apple is working on a new, entry-level set of AirPods that will be released later in 2021 and will be modelled after the present AirPods Pro.

Upgraded Motion Censor

Bloomberg believes that the upcoming AirPods Pro will contain upgraded motion sensors with an emphasis on fitness tracking, citing “people with knowledge of the topic.”

It would be sensible for Apple to include fitness tracking in the AirPods Pro. Since 2006, when it debuted the Nike+ partnership, the firm has had a long history of fitness-focused features. Nike+ included small sensors in Nike’s running shoes that could transmit activity data to an iPod nano or iPhone.

Apple Watch with Censor

AirPods Pro 2022

Apple’s fitness offering has grown significantly since then, thanks to the Apple Watch, which features a variety of sensors for tracking steps, heart rate, and even blood oxygen levels. These fitness features later spawned the Apple Fitness+ subscription service, which allows users to follow expert-led workout routines on any iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, with Apple Watch tracking.

However, the Apple Watch is still a relatively pricey device, and not everyone who wants to use Apple Fitness+ wants to acquire Apple’s wearable.

By integrating two streams of data, more sensors embedded in the AirPods Pro might either eliminate the need for an Apple Watch or make an existing Apple Watch more accurate.

Other Earbuds Features

It’s not novel to put fitness sensors in earbuds. Included-in heart rate monitors are built into Jabra’s Elite Sport true wireless earbuds, which debuted in 2017, and Samsung and Bose have both released earbuds with similar technology in the past. Amazon just updated its second-generation Amazon Echo Buds to include basic activity tracking.

What to Do with this Information?

But it’s not so much the sensors as it is what individuals can do with the data collected by these sensors. Apple has a distinct advantage in this area. Apple has created a whole suite of software and services that can provide fitness fanatics an immersive view of their overall health and progress toward their own objectives, whether you use the built-in Fitness app on iOS or the subscription-based Apple Fitness+ service.



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