Samsung's Bixby

Google is trying from years to get mobile phone companies to promote Google’s search, Assistance and Play Store apps rather than giving their own services. Google launch a new global revenue-sharing deal. As in the influence, Samsung electronics is considering dropping its virtual assistant, Bixby, and Galaxy Play Store.

So, Samsung is thinking of dropping Bixby due to Google’s new mobile app deal proposed to them.

Samsung's Bixby


Google is asking from years to get Samsung to drop its own services and give more preference to Google’s search, Assistant and Play Store apps. Samsung is the world’s leading mobile device maker. It’s leading in unit sold too, so it’s sensible that why google is trying from years for this.

 Google’s Android software powers phones from Samsung and dozens of other companies, sometimes Google gives incentives to manufacturers a portion of the revenue generated from google apps featured on the devices.  


 From years Samsung has clung to efforts to promote its own apps, from which it can collect all the revenue. This strategy has been challenged due to coronavirus pandemic and the slowdown in mobile phone sales. It promoted the company to shutter the costly projects and search for new revenue.

Samsung is Considering of Sacking Bixby

 Exact financial details of negotiation between companies could not be revealed. But Google comes with a profitable deal for Samsung than a previous deal to retreat its app strategy. Companies and aiming to finalize the deal by Friday.

  Samsung said in a statement that it committed to its own services, but at the same time, “ closely work with Google and other partners  to offer the best mobile experience.”


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