Samsung introduces 'RAM Plus' feature to add up to 4GB of RAM to your smartphones

Samsung has introduced a way to increase smartphone’s RAM for free by a feature called “RAM Plus” that can add up to 4GB of virtual RAM to your smartphone. The RAM Plus feature is similar to the memory paging feature that already exists in Android and almost all other modern operating systems like Windows etc.

As reported by SamMobile, the RAM Plus feature started to show up on the Galaxy A52s 5G after Samsung rolled out firmware version A528BXXU1AUH9, which also improves the camera stability and device stability. On a related note OEMs like OPPO, Vivo, ASUS also have similar features under different names too.

To be clear, since RAM is a physical aspect of any smartphone, it’s just impossible to add more RAM to your phone via any software. However, in layman terms, RAM Plus co-opts a portion of the internal storage of users’ smartphones and converts it into up to 4GB of “RAM,” meaning virtual memory and in certain situations (not all), this could increase the performance of your phone.

Galaxy A52s 5G users can update to firmware version A528BXXU1AUH9 to Settings > Software update and then tapping on Download and install (if the update is available).

For now, it’s only available for A52s 5G users, but we hope that Samsung might end up deploying this feature to all its phones. 



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