Scientists growing Meat Protein from Genetically Altered Barely

A Report from BBC shows that Iceland scientists are growing over 100,000 genetically altered barely within a greenhouse for the formation of lab-grown meat protein.

The modified Barley gets first harvested, then they are purified to extract growth factor proteins which are used to cultivate lab-grown meat protein.

ORF genetics, the company is growing the biogenetically engineered barley over an area of 22,000 square feet in a greenhouse using the hydroponic cultivation method.

The growth factors extracted from modified Barley seeds feign in the maintenance of stem cells. In the year 2010, ORF introduced skincare products which consist of the growth factors in form of its main ingredient. 

The growth factors brace the growth of the tissues that form these products, together with animal muscle and fat cells. After 10 years, the company is launching cell-cultured meat in the market.

Arna Runarsdottir, ORF director of protein technology told BBC that, “The population is rising and we have to feed all of the population, we don’t have to kill the animals but take the stem cell from them.”

If scientists find out the way to produce lab-grown meat protein on a large scale, then it would be one of the viable and environmentally friendly alternatives.

The BBC reports that the ORF’s growth factors are so far used by several other companies to make lab-grown meat protein.


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