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Bilibili or B site of China, headquartered in Shanghai, has made public the key visuals for the upcoming sequel of Shiguang Dailiren which is better known as Link Click. The series is celebrated as one of the best Chinese animation pieces to date. Though the series brings forth numerous unprecedented anime traits, it is an actual crime that this anime got unnoticed by most anime watchers. Studio LAN which is known for To be heroin, Man Tou Rijij, and many more released Link Click in the spring 2021 anime season.

The series ranks 23rd on the MAL website. It follows two friends, Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, fulfilling some unusual requests from clients in a photo studio which involves diving into the past full of regretful, happy, sad, and blurry memories. Photos brought to the Time photo studio hold thousands of secrets and they are shared by these two only. Clients bring with them their requests and photos that are used by Guang and Xiaoshi to jump into. Yes, it is their special ability of sort that they can go to the time when the photos are taken and thus, try to solve their clients’ wishes.  

It is one of those “traveling back to the past” anime but it isn’t one that tries to change the past anime like Tokyo revengers or Erase, they follow rules to create a resolve for a better future. Their take on the past is unlike any other anime out there as changing the past might bring risk to the person behind the camera. One of the things that make this series binge-worthy is that this is a Chinese anime original so there is no source of information behind it. You can just go into the series without a single thing and have your mind blown away with the brilliant plot twists.

Aniplex has announced a Japanese dub for the anime which is scheduled for January 2022. You can find the teaser on its website. Moreover, Studio LAN says that more information on the sequel will be announced on November 20th.


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