The Fifth Dimension is a micro-dimension accepted in physics and mathematics which creates a direct relation between gravity and electromagnetism. This wasn’t possible with the existing four dimensions and makes some theories easier to understand.

gravity and electromagnetism

Let’s simplify it a little bit!


We can easily understand the concept of the first four dimensions by pushing an object and noticing its movement across the distance it covers.

We all know about the three dimensions (height, width and depth), these can be seen without pushing the object or noticing its movement.

The fourth dimension is time which cannot be directly seen but we can observe it as the movement of the object and the distance as it progresses.

An example of a four-dimensional graph
Four-dimensional graph with time

Talking about the Fifth Dimension, it is a micro-dimension. It is named so since it isn’t as a simplified and easily observed as the first four.

The Fifth Dimension came into being when physicists were trying to find a direct relationship between gravity and electromagnetism. Though there exists an indirect relationship to connect the two, but something accurate could make theories simpler.


Kaluza-Klein theory was the first to do mathematical calculations for the Fifth Dimension, though they were a bit inaccurate, they created a foundation for the proofs to come.

Klein said that the geometry of the extra fifth dimension could take a circular form, that would have the radius of 10−30 cm.

It was at this very point the Klein realized that light was something that occurred more in the Fifth Dimension.  Also, what we perceived of light was a rather less accurate version.

Fifth dimension

This made Oscar Klein find a connection between the two forces we originally sought to find.

To explain this simply, imagine you’re swimming under water and you see ripples on the surface of the pool. Now, understand that the ripples you see or perceive are only shadows and not exactly what they are at the surface.

The Fifth Dimension is that surface of water, it is a different plane which is very difficult, rather impossible to see.

Current Knowledge:

Think about gravity, it is found to be relatively easier to overcome and hence considered to be weak. We did not have any theoretical knowledge to back this claim up before we found the Fifth Dimension.

The above construct was based on the idea that when two sub-atomic particles collide, one of them being a theoretical graviton, it results in the production of additional particles.

hints of extra dimensions

When this happens, gravity considered to be the fourth dimension here, some of it “leaks” into the Fifth Dimension. Explaining why gravity can be considered a weak force.

Some might lose interest while reading this article, well kudos if you’ve reached the end. Read it once again if you did not fully understand it, the examples make it a lot easier to understand.


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