The Real Reason behind Miller plan of launching a Seltzer into space
Miller Genuine Draft

 “Girl in the Moon”, the logo for which Miller High Life is very popular, but another one of the brand’s beers, is preparing itself to send a totally different product into orbit. Based on the statement  sent to Mashed, Miller Genuine Draft is preparing to bind several cases of hard seltzer(carbonated/soda water) onto a rocket, as they also say, “send the oh-so-trendy drinkable liquor rushing into the earth’s atmosphere.”

Why MGD is making a plan to launch a seltzer into space? The reason is not that they think their sister brand’s Moon Maiden is getting nothing but beer and green cheese only. But the fact that they want to throw some light and want some attention on a drink whose need is less in the beer market. The Financial Times also revealed the fact that the growing popularity of hard seltzers has affected some of the beers in the beer market. While some other brewers tried to gain popularity by launching their own line of hard seltzers, Miller is remaining true to the brew. The Vice President of Miller Family of Brands, Sofia Colucci further added in a press release that launch beer and send, launch everything that remained, into space.

The Real Reason behind Miller plan of launching a Seltzer into space

If you are thinking that what spiked seltzer brands are moving on this one-way trip, it seems that nothing has been decided yet. But in fact, if you pay attention now and take action you can even have a chance to play a part in selecting the seltzers that have to be sent into orbit. You have to go only to the MGD Seltzer Launch website and suggest the seltzer that you want to leave this planet.

When Miller is launching Seltzer to Space

This event and launch are going to happen on  May 13, and you can catch it on @MillerLite’s Facebook and Twitter channels, to watch the event starting at 4 p.m. EST. They will start it with a  60-second video, then, if all goes well and systems work perfectly, you can watch the rocket go, where no seltzer has gone before. As the YouTube promo, Miller sent Mashed said that they absolutely have no problem with launching a seltzer just as long as they don’t have to brew it and have to get anyone to drink it or make anyone remember its existence in the physical world as we know it.

Bianca Guimaraes who is a Partner and Executive Creative Director of ad agency Mischief @ No Fixed Address, also partnering with Miller for this event added in the press release that they had spent a lot of time figuring out if they have to bury seltzers, shoot seltzers into space or to put up seltzers into the mouth of a volcano. But if they send them into a black hole then it seems to make sense. Further, he added “Well, okay then, but let’s just hope the seltzer doesn’t come back towards earth like some kind of asteroid, space debris and put an end to all life on the planet or become a threat to human’s life.”

 Although a little healthy competition is good in the market, it would take your rivals a bit far from you.


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