Twitch Star Pokimane Revealed Why She Won’t Sign with an Esports Org

Are you one of those gaming enthusiasts who are obsessed with games, then you might have found yourself going through youtube looking for streamers or gamers from all across the globe If so,? it’s very much possible that you came across this gamer who goes by the name ‘Pokimane’. Her real name is ‘Imane Anys’.

She has over 7.7 million followers as of 2021, Pokimane is one of the top female streamers on Twitch. She opened up to her viewers about why she won’t join an esports team while getting numerous offers for years from various organizations.

Why Pokimane won’t sign with an Esports org?

There is a stream highlight video posted on her YouTube channel in which she addressed the topic of signing with an esports organization after a fan asked her if she has any plans to join a team anytime soon.

Twitch Star Pokimane Revealed Why She Won’t Sign with an Esports Org

But to which she replied that for years she had been offered plenty of time and by plenty of teams but she is on OTV i.e., offline TV and when they created OfflineTV she felt like she joined a team, it kind of diluted her brand.

Pokimane then added that there would be too many obligations and she would feel like she is spreading herself too thin. She’d rather if she is gonna devote herself to something, then she better do it one-hundred percent whereas if she is a little bit whatever org, it’s like she is not fully anything.

When Pokimane was asked if OfflineTV had any plans to expand her reach with spinoff content groups like the ‘Hype House’, she had quite an interesting explanation for why that wouldn’t necessarily be beneficial for her or her partners.

She says that It is something they have considered with the various OTV branches in regions. Pokimane also pointed out that OfflineTV is “not just an org” and that people associate with the brand and with members such as herself.

Then she came to the liability aspect and added that if something unfortunate were to happen in one of their branch divisions then that responsibility would come back to the founding members of the group. Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Pokimane has given a deep dive into the business side of streaming. Back in July 2020, there was a video in which, she did reveal the ‘High Expense’ running a streaming channel as a business is.

From her above statements, we can conclude why she would not join any esports org. Although we would have loved to see Pokimane conquer more of the platforms as she did with TikTok, Twitch, Youtube, and so on.


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