Pokimane named the top-earning female twitch streamer of the year 2020

New data from Saving Spot revealed that Pokimane was the top female Twitch streamer in 2020, beating other big names like Amoranth and LilyPichu to the top spot.

2020 was a booming year for the streaming industry, with the launch of games like Fall Guys and the resurfacing of indie gems like Among Us, streamers were by no means short of content. 

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of those streamers that has only gained more and more attention this year with a phenomenal follow-up of over 6.3 million on Twitch.

Most notably this year she was part of a partnership with U.S. politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC, along with other famous streamers, adding her to the 2020 hit Among Us.

Data from Saving Spot shows that Pokimane is the top-ranked female streamer with approximate annual earnings of $550,060. There’s quite a margin between her and second-place nominee Amoranth with $384,599 and LilyPichu with a close third with $339,354. 

Top female twitch streamers of 2020

According to Saving Place, “among the top 10 female streamers, 70 percent of the revenue comes from subscriptions, 23 percent from advertising, and 8 percent from donations,” which would explain the high level of income for these streamers.

Pokimane also set a $5 donation limit at the beginning of November, saying, “For everyone who was more generous-please help growing platforms, charities, and treat yourself.”

Top earning Twitch streamers

In addition, xQc was the most profited Twitch streamer with an annual average income of $1,984,001. Save Spot found that The subscriptions were alone for $1,595,167.

Nickemercs, ibai, and Odablock were among the highest overall winners, all crawling behind xQc in terms of earnings, but not close enough to beat him to the top spot. 

This year has definitely proven to be a lucrative one from streamers, both new to the scene and those who’ve been hanging around for a while and it seems like it’s only going to keep going up from here.


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