So, I’m going to be unbiased about what I write about CS: GO and Valorant in this blog. The fact that I’ve been playing CS for about 10 years now won’t affect the facts that I’m going to mention in this article.


Well I’ve never had a complaint with the graphics of Counter Strike, they’re a little more hardcore than that of Valorant. It seems like Riot Games are trying to reach to a younger set of players by creating this game. The graphics are attractive and much brighter as compared to that of CS. To be honest, in my opinion it is too much color and I’d prefer a bland color combination in FPS games.

csgo graphics
valorant graphics


The gameplay of Valorant resembles exactly that of CS: GO. A bomb being planted by one team and the other team has to kill all enemies and defuse the bomb before it detonates. I think Riot Games could have been a little more creative with the gameplay, made it a little more different.


Now what Valorant adds to the gameplay that CS doesn’t have is superpowers! Yes, though a little more work can be done on that, the powers do give Valorant an edge over its unidentical twin. And I really like how cool the players look with their superpowers.

 Each player has a unique ability in addition to the primary weapon, secondary and knife.


All in all, Valorant is worth playing for the ones who aren’t as good at FPS games yet.

Also, all of the people thinking that Valorant does not have hackers, you’re unfortunately wrong. Yes, there are hackers in the game even though there is an Anti-Cheat System in the game. But yes, Valorant has managed to ban a lot of hackers in the game who manage to spoil the game for everyone. CS: GO on the other hand managed to ban 500,000 hackers in May alone. Well that also tells you that CS: GO has many more hackers than Valorant.

Each game has something for everyone, you can choose what’s best for you now that you have all the points in front of you. But always remember to play clean, because no one likes a cheater.


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