Warzone teases Call of Duty: Vanguard in its New Cutscene

Latest Warzone cutscene teases Vanguard

Warzone players may discover that after winning a game, not every member of their team isn’t quite managing to escape the encroaching gas. That’s because Season 5 of immensely popular battle royale has received a new cinematic that appears to preview the next Call of Duty game, speculated to be called COD: Vanguard.

As reported by GameSpot, a video posted by OHB The Don shows what appears to be a victory cutscene. However, not all of the participants can board the chopper. Instead, the team’s last member is shoot out of nowhere and left on the ground while the helicopter flies off. The camera then turns to a lady dressed in an antique Russian military costume, complete with a USSR side hat and a sniper rifle (as shown in the starting of the article).

“Atta Girl.”

To dispel any doubts about the authenticity of this sequence, one of COD: Vanguard’s writers, Sam Maggs, simply replied on Twitter, “Atta gal.”

The image is most likely a teaser for COD: Vanguard, which will take set on the western front of World War II’s European theater, and will feature a campaign, multiplayer, and Zombies modes. COD: Warzone, on the other hand, will allegedly get a new, much larger map based on the Pacific theater of the war.

The release date for COD: Vanguard is reported to be August 19 and could get the alpha test currently scheduled for August 27-29, ahead of a PlayStation beta from September 10-12, and beta on all platforms from September 16-20, reports VGC.


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