WhatsApp might introduce a new ‘Community Feature’ soon

After adding different features like multi-device support and preferable ways of reporting messages, WhatsApp is now reportedly working on a new community feature to counter the unique features of its rivals.

First spotted by XDA-Developers, during an APK teardown of beta version this feature is detailed in various strings, suggesting it to be a new social element in a large chat framework of WhatsApp.

However, there is no hard evidence showcasing its functionality inside WhatsApp. The description of string creates more quests in mind.

For beginners, a string uncovers how the communities will use an invitation link system to permit other users to join. Invite links can be shared in the form of a QR Code.

The other string reads, “Anyone with WhatsApp can follow this link to join this community and share it together with your trusted ones.” This means any user with the invite could become a member of the community.

The community will also feature administrators as there are in Groups. The community will also contain various user-friendly features and settings.

As read in one of the strings, users can “allow messages forwarded several times, in the community”, can change the description of Community, or ensure that only admins can message on community. As well, admins can provide the control back to members, change descriptions, and many more.

It remains inexplicit whether the communities would be different from groups in WhatsApp based on functionality. There is no information about the launching of this feature.

Before you leave do tell us what you think about this community feautre in the comment section below.


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