Windows 10 to get Significantly Faster Startup Times

Windows 10 is updating the way programmes are added to the list of software that runs as the computer first boots up, allowing users to see when applications are added during initialization to the startup list, and giving them the ability to avoid this from occurring at that moment. 

The current situation, as you may be aware, is that when you install an application, you may notice that your PC starts up a little more slowly at some point after that. Then, when you visit the Startup screen (in Settings > Apps or, alternatively, in Task Manager), you will see that the application in question has been added to this list of programs that are naturally started when the computer starts up. 

This is obviously not an ideal scenario, especially for less tech-savvy users, who may never even realise what has happened. The more applications on this list, the longer it may take to boot up, especially if the applications in question are demanding pieces of software.

Windows 10 to get Significantly Faster Startup Times

The positive news is that Microsoft is updating stuff for the current preview build of Windows 10 for the upgrade scheduled to arrive in the first half of 2021, so programmes can now alert the customer that they have connected themselves to the roster of startup applications. 

Windows 10 Providing better Transparency

As Windows Latest reports, Testers for the 21H1 update are now getting a ‘startup app alert’, in an undocumented shift, that shows up to let the user know that the software being installed is programmed to run at boot time. 

You can click on the notification there and there, which pulls up the list of Startup applications, so you do not want it to happen so that you can turn off the software in question to keep it from loading automatically on the first boot. 

Of course, you may want a program to launch automatically just like that, and you can obviously leave it enabled if that’s the case.

This is a small improvement, but certainly a helpful one in terms of better transparency and ensuring that when it first boots up Windows 10 (and all the programmes that instantly boot up with the OS), the PC doesn’t get bogged down.



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