YouTuber creates The World's Brightest Flashlight having a whopping 300 led bulbs

Hacksmith Does It Again

A Canadian YouTuber and inventor “Hacksmith” – real name James Hobson – set a new Guinness World Record when he and his crew developed the world’s brightest flashlight “Nitebrite 300,” a flashlight which contains a whopping 300 LEDs and has a record-breaking brightness of 501,031 lumens (for reference Football stadium floodlights are in the range of 100 and 250,000 lumens).

The crew utilized a Crookes Radiometer to measure the strength of light waves, and the intensity of the light from the Nitebrite 300 was so high that it caused the radiometer to burst. You can have look at the Youtube video uploaded by Hacksmith showcasing this record-breaking flashlight down below:

About Nitebrite 300 Flashlight

The world’s brightest flashlight from the Hacksmith team contains a whopping 300 LED bulbs and includes 50 boards, each with six LED lights, further linked to drivers that are all driven by a single battery. According to Guinness World Records, the most powerful commercially available flashlight, the Imalent MS 18, only has 18 LEDs.

After their original build resulted in multi-directional light being projected throughout the workshop, the creators stated they utilized a Fresnel reading magnifier to center the light and produce a concentrated beam.

Nitebrite 300’s finalized look is made partially out of a trashcan, finished with black spray paint for a classic look. The flashlight has three different modes – low, high, and turbo – that can be controlled by an equally gargantuan button.

The Hacksmith team previously established a Guinness World Record by developing the world’s first retractable proto-lightsaber.


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