Xbox Series S made Portable with a 60Hz xScreen Attachment

XScreen a portable screen for your Xbox Series S

This summer, a new way to play Xbox games on the go will be available. It’s called xScreen, and it’s a portable screen for the Xbox Series S. This summer, the screen will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter. To register yourself, go to the official xScreen website and fill out the form.

The xScreen features an 11.6-inch 1080p IPS display with a 60Hz refresh rate. Like a laptop, the display may be closed to lay flush against the Xbox Series S. According to UPspec, the company behind xScreen, no additional cords are required to connect the xScreen to your console, although this does not include the power cable. The xScreen does not have a battery and requires a power hookup.

The xScreen is just 695 g, which appears to be a small amount until you learn that it only includes the xScreen. The Xbox Series S is 1.93 kg in weight (4.25 lbs). As a result, the xScreen with an Xbox Series S weights 2.63 kg in total (5.79 lbs). Although it is heavier than the finest gaming laptops, it may easily be carried in a backpack.

Initial thoughts on XScreen

Because xScreen is a Kickstarter project, it should be regarded with caution. Before investing in any Kickstarter project, do your research because the final product may differ from what you see in advertising materials.

Another issue working against the xScreen’s success is the popularity of tried-and-true handhelds like the Nintendo Switch, as well as the ongoing semiconductor scarcity affecting Xbox Series X/S availability. Customers may be confused by the choice to make the attachment available only for the Xbox Series S and not the Series X, and the pool of possible investors and buyers may be reduced as a result. The xScreen could be a fun and useful addition to some Xbox enthusiasts’ tech collections, but given the potential barriers and the fledgling development of cloud gaming, there’s a decent possibility the ambitious attachment will be a short-lived novelty.

The xScreen is now offering an early bird discount. The xScreen’s full retail price is $249.



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