Xbox Series X Has a Smart Workaround

Xbox’s new compatibility feature exists on both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and it can help gamers at all levels of skill.

The Xbox Series X has a smart hardware feature that lets all types of players connect their HDMI and other cables more securely. Both new-generation devices coming out next month have a very unusual design, which means that players can fit them into the entertainment centers in any manner they can. Designs would definitely make the boxes stay out on the store rack, but they can also prove a challenge if anyone has ever had to turn HDMI cables around. Fortunately, a recent usability function seems to have contributed to an enhancement that would benefit all.

Xbox Series X Has a Smart Workaround for the Next-Gen Console Port Woes

Microsoft has taken great strides with its push to make games on its platforms open to all kinds of gamers. The most noteworthy among these is the Xbox Adaptive Controller, a first-of-a-kind input platform that integrates with hundreds among existing gaming systems to allow gamers who can not use standard control methods to create a system that works for them. There’s a Copilot mode that lets players set up two controllers as if they were a single unit, ideal for playing games with someone who wants an extra boost. The Xbox Series X and Series S also provides full button mapping for device-level controllers and mouse and keyboard compatibility for compatible games.

Microsoft Devices Inclusive Lead Bryce Johnson tweeted a photo of the Xbox Series X displaying the tactile markers for each of its ports. USB, Ethernet, Power, and memory expansion slots all have their own number of dots, while the HDMI port has a thin oval shape. All this helps those who can’t see the console otherwise, and those who fumbling about in the dark, have fair access to where to plug in their console without digging out the entire package.

Bryce acknowledged in the tweet that it began as an accessibility tool, but it will be useful to all the gamers when they bring their Xbox home in November. He has acknowledged that this is not a complete solution for blind players but wants to get input from this introduction to make it much easier for those who need it. Speaking of some devices, the Xbox Series S has all ports in a separate configuration, but the tactile indications align between the two devices. One would assume that this would go ahead with other Xbox devices, should the bumps prove to be intuitive and easy to use.

From a logo that rotates with the console all the way to these touch indicators, taking home a new console like the Xbox Series X is still full of little surprises. They may be spoiled in the era of pouring over any aspect of something new in the weeks and months before it is launched, but little change and false start-up over a company console lineup may be a fascinating exercise. To know where a business is headed, it helps to know their history, and Xbox’s latest changes suggest a continuing drive to get people to enjoy their game lineup on whichever platform they want.


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