Thanks to a Clever PC player, you can now pause Always-Online Outriders while playing solo - Craffic

People Can Fly’s latest title “Outriders”, is an always-online third-person RPG shooting game. And as it requires a constant online connection to play it can’t be paused in the middle of the battle even if you’re playing solo. But thanks to a Reddit user “Aced-Bread”, who discovered that players playing the game with NVIDIA GeForce Experience enabled can bypass this by activating a feature called “Ansel”.

People Can Fly launched Outriders on April 1 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Steam (PC), and Google Stadia. And in aftermath of its pre-launch demo, it became publisher Square Enix‘s most successful Steam launch of all time by attracting over 100,000 concurrent players on Steam on its release day, despite facing some tech issues. As players can’t pause the title while playing it frustrated many players by forcing them to stay online, even when playing solo. Resulting in players bombing the game’s Metacritic user score as a way of expressing their anger.

But that’s not going to same anymore (for some players actually), as a clever PC player discovered a simple method to pause Outriders in single-player. Like any other modern title Outriders also supports Nvidia’s Ansel feature, which allows players to take customizable screenshots at any time in-game without one built-in photo mode.

Now activating this feature is very simple, you just need to press the hotkey “Alt + F2” and boom, it results in automatically pausing the game. And as Ansel is specific to the Nvidia GPUs, players using AMD GPU or playing on console can’t pause the game even for a second. Also most importantly this trick only works for solo mode. You can check a short video showing off this trick down below:

The game is working fine after players faced issues while connecting with the game’s servers to play on its launch, for which devs People Can Fly publicly apologized on Twitter. And for the time devs are not aware of this latest Nvidia loophole, the experience of playing single-player on Outriders is going to be a little bit more comfortable for some players.


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