Zens’ latest powerbank can charge two devices wirelessly at once

A dual-sided wireless charger

Wireless charging is unquestionably convenient, and chargers that can charge several devices add to that convenience. Zens has taken it a step further by releasing a power bank that allows for simultaneous wireless charging on two sides, allowing for a cable-free experience for numerous devices on the go.

Zens released four new Powerbank products this week, according to The Verge, but only one of them allows two-sided wireless charging. It’s named the Dual Powerbank (ZEPP03M), and it has a 4,000mAh battery capacity and a USB-C charging cord. Consumers who own an iPhone and AirPods, on the other hand, will be most interested in this portable battery.

The Dual Powerbank supports MagSafe on one side, allowing you to securely attach your iPhone while charging at the same time with an AirPods case on the other non-magnetic side. If you only have one device, the built-in stand lets you set it up in portrait or landscape mode. It implies that if you want to, you can use your phone as it charges.

Pricing of these Zens Powerbanks

The Powerbank Dual has a three-year warranty and costs $69.99. A $49.99 Magnetic Single Powerbank (ZEPP01M) with 4,000mAh capacity but no stand is also available. The ZEPP02M is $10 more expensive and includes a stand.

The 10,000mAh Powerbank with Stand (ZEPP04M) is ideal for those who require greater battery capacity. It’s also $69.99, but it’s missing the two-sided charging capability, which is a pity.

Zens’ latest powerbank can charge two devices wirelessly at once

While companies like Zens and Anker have jumped on Apple’s innovative wireless charging technology, the Cupertino company has yet to create its MagSafe battery pack. Bloomberg reported in February that the company is working on such an attachment, but that it is experiencing development challenges due to the iPhone’s software thinking it is overheating.


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