32-Inch Monitor in Prep by Huawei with 3:2 Aspect Ratio, 4500x3000 Resolution

Huawei – 32-inch display

According to several reports out of China, Huawei is working on a 32-inch display with an unusual 3:2 aspect ratio. The monitor will be labelled with Huawei’s latest MateView trademark and will be targeted at professionals who need a lot of horizontal and vertical space.

A new Entrance to PC Display Industry

Huawei, as a newcomer to the PC display industry, must deliver innovative products to draw attention to its brand and gain market share. The 32-inch Huawei MateView LCD will reportedly use a 10-bit (presumably IPS-type) display panel with a 4500×3000 resolution, which is uncommon for desktop monitors, since it will be targeted at users who demand accurate colours.

The screen’s rumoured support for a 90Hz refresh rate is also rare. Other details are unknown at this time, but the monitor is expected to bear the VESA DisplayHDR 400 label, indicating that it will have a minimum peak luminance of 400 nits and support at least HDR10 transport.

Huawei Reportedly Preps 32-Inch Monitor

3:2 Aspect Ratio

The 3:2 aspect ratio of Huawei’s professional MateView display, which has proven to be especially useful on laptops, will undoubtedly be its main selling point. This aspect ratio allows for more vertical data to be displayed, which is beneficial for coding, reading, and writing. According to GizmoChina, the display would also have very slim bezels and a near to 100 percent screen-to-body ratio to make it even more comfortable. Meanwhile, those watching movies shot in aspect ratios such as 1.78:1 or 2.39:1 (1.43:1 for IMAX) may find a 3:2 aspect ratio irritating because it produces black bars even on 16:9/16:10 screens. 

According to a blogger’s photo of Huawei’s MateView display with a 3:2 aspect ratio, the LCD has a wireless charging pad on its base, which is a feature that is relatively simple to implement but seldom implemented by manufacturers.

It’s worth noting that Huawei does not manufacture display panels. As a result, other display manufacturers are likely to use the 32-inch LCD screen. After all, a laptop with a 3:2 aspect ratio seems to be on the way.

42-inch Display

Huawei is currently working on a 42-inch MateView monitor for gamers, in addition to the professional 32-inch 3:2 display. The display is expected to have a resolution of 3440×1440 pixels, a 21:9 aspect ratio, and a refresh rate of 165Hz. 

On May 16, Huawei is expected to launch both 32-inch and 42-inch MateView displays (depending on the exact time the product is introduced, it may be May 15 in the U.S.). There’s no news about how much they’ll cost or whether they’ll be available outside of China. 

Still Not Certain

Since Huawei has yet to release its MateView LCDs, all information about them is unofficial at this time and should be treated with caution. Meanwhile, it comes from two unrelated tipsters who partially confirm each other, suggesting that the company is working on MateView displays for gamers and professionals.


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