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Small Packet Big Bang: Pathogens, Disease-Causing Microbes!!

Every second of our life is under attack. Trillions of microbes are trying to make their home in the human body. Some microorganisms are...
Catchy Songs that ‘go viral’ are way more similar to Infectious Disease than you think

Catchy Songs that ‘go viral’ are way more similar to Infectious Disease than you...

According to new research out of Great Britain, catchy songs that 'go viral' are downloaded in a way that closely resembles the spread of...
new study of rna

This New Study Of RNA Can Help In Curing Most Of The RNA Related...

RNA is Ribonucleic Acid: a class of single-stranded molecules. It helps in coding and decoding and also regulates and expresses the genes. We are studying...

What did Toxic Relationship Teach you?

What does your mind create when you hear "toxic relationship"? It might be somewhat, a relationship that affects your peace of mind, simply a...

 In parts of eastern Australia, Koalas are already declared as endangered animals 

It was back in March 2021 when an adorable koala joey named Humphrey became the latest addition to Australia's biggest zoo in a year...

What causes Depression?

Every human is different, so the different reactions to stress, loss, and misfortune by a specific individual. Many of us might often feel low...
sleep wake cycle

What Is A Sleep-Wake Cycle?

Are you an early riser? Is your sleeping pattern similar on all seven days of the week? Do you know about the sleep-wake cycle?...

Axolotl: The amazing vertebrate known to science

As per the tale in Aztec mythology, Axolotl is the Aztec’s God of fire and lightning, the Xolotl. He escaped from a sacrifice and...

Why do we forget things?- Tells A Theory

As we grow we make several memories but in a specific duration, we forget many of them, we remember only a few of them....
human extinction

How will human extinction change the Earth?

What if the humans get extinct? How will the Earth get affected by human extinction? Earth is home to humans. It provides humans and...