A New Google Pixelbook Could Be On The Way Very Soon

While there are as of now a lot of extraordinary Chromebooks around, we’re especially fond of the Pixelbooks that Google puts out itself – and a change to the Chromium code that Chrome OS depends on recommends another model is on the way.

A New Google Pixelbook Could Be On The Way Very Soon


The team at Chrome Unboxed has seen references in the code to a Chromebook called Halvor, and specifically another mention of support for a Google Assistant key on the keyboard. That strongly hints to another Pixelbook direct from Google itself.

Just three Chrome OS gadgets that have ever had a dedicated Google Assistant key are the first Pixelbook, the Pixel Slate and the Pixelbook Go. thus the thought is that Havlor could undoubtedly be the next product in the segment.

It’s not complete evidence, however: it’s conceivable that third-party manufacturers are currently capable or focussed to include this component out of the blue. However, the key is just to present on one Chromebook from the coming batch of gadgets.

A New Google Pixelbook Could Be On The Way Very Soon

Halvor is based on a baseboard plan codenamed Volteer like various other forthcoming Chromebooks. It includes new integrated graphics from Intel, improved speed and battery life, support for 4K screens and USB4, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

If by any chance, Halvor turns out to be another Google Pixelbook, it’s probably going to be an incredible, high-spec one – Google has reliably utilized the Pixelbook line to attempt to set new guidelines for Chromebook devices.


As indicated by Chrome Unboxed, the circumstance coordinates to. Past Google Pixelbooks have experienced a similar kind of advancement arc as Halvor has, and the signs are that the new laptop could be out before the year’s end.

However, Until it gets announced, we won’t know anything about it for sure. We haven’t heard some other rumours or gossips about a Pixelbook that is coming soon, yet considering the Pixelbook Go got a five-star rating from critics. We’re trusting that Google does undoubtedly have something to excite us.


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