Boogeyman reveals his WWE status, revealing what Vince McMahon had told about him in the locker room

Boogeyman is probably one of the most terrifying characters depicted in WWE. He was believed to have eaten and fed worms to his enemies. He was one of Vince McMahon’s most respected Superstars before calling it a day and stepping away from a regular wrestling job.

Boogeyman is probably one of the most terrifying characters depicted in WWE.

Is Boogeyman still in WWE?

Boogeyman has recently appeared on the Ryback Show. On the program, the Star of WWE spoke about his time in the business and what exactly his job was. The last time Boogeyman was seen on Vince McMahon’s show at the WWE RAW 25th Anniversary.

“Yeah, I’m still under contract — still under the Legend’s Contract. They had me going down [to Florida]. Myself, Mark Henry, Ricky Steamboat, Nia Jax, Jimmy Hart — we sold [WrestleMania 36] tickets at the Tampa Stadium down there before the pandemic. So, that was my last thing with them. But as far as TV-wise, it was the RAW 25th Anniversary.”

Boogeyman on the conversation with Vince McMahon

On the show, Boogeyman talked to Vince McMahon about a lot of backstage stories and altercations. In one of those conversations, Vince McMahon told every member of the locker room to fear Boogeyman.

Boogeyman on the conversation with Vince McMahon

“I don’t know if that was the case, but I kind of started taking notes of only guys wrestling me and getting fired. And if you recall, there was a production meeting one time and Vince gathered everybody around the ring and had me in the center of the ring. The first degree of The Boogeyman and the whole bit he said, ‘You see that guy? Do you see that f—ing guy? God da–it, he eats worms for Christ’s sake. Everybody on this roster better fear him! And Boogeyman, God da–it, I give you permission to make them fear you if they don’t fear you! It was everybody in talent. They were around the ring and he’s got Big Show, Taker, all the big names, Benoit. That was the list of people. So, I know Vince had big plans for The Boogeyman.”

In the interview, Boogeyman even talked about Bray Wyatt and said he’d love to face The Fiend in a match.


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