China's New Tech Export Rules Could Affect US Companies

As we all know China is experiencing a colossal decimate in global incomes worldwide. India totally banned 59 Chinese apps a few times back including TikTok so do other countries are wanting censorship against Chinese apps. And now China has rolled out some new tech export rules to make things for the US a bit more difficult.

China's New Tech Export Rules Could Affect US Companies

US President Donald Trump recently said: ” As far as TikTok is concerned, we are banning them from the United States.” So after Huawei forbidden Trump has affirmed Tik Tok ban, until or unless it is not sold to an American firm and as a result of which tech firm ByteDance ltd as the owner of Tik Tok is cladding pressure against banning short-video app or disposing of this app.


Keeping an eye on these situations, China also divulged limitations on artificial-intelligence technology trades, which clearly justifies the tech battle between the world’s two largest developed and economic countries. Restrictions made by China are in the fields of science and commerce technologies, wrapping computer and data-processing mechanizations as voice-recognition, text mining, content consents and speech patterns or modelling.

Incorporation is being done which means companies must get government acceptance for the technical experts. ByteDance itself got orders to authorize the licensing procedure before exporting. No one from China responded to the requests for comment regarding requests. This fight basically started from the previous year when Trump and the US government also foisted firm restrictions on Chinese companies and on individuals too who use to buy American Technology.


China's New Tech Export Rules Could Affect US Companies

The interrogation on TikTok follows a worsening effect on relations between China and the US, with persistent stress over trade and export this year following the pandemic too. Although both countries depended upon each other as economies of the US and China are highly linked because of sharing the second-largest trading partner of goods and services including exports of certain technologies.


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