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AI Dungeon is a text adventure game developed by Nick Walton to generate unlimited content using artificial intelligence. And after its massive success, Walton founded a startup Latitude, which is a sort of community where users focus on creating ML-assisted personal narratives rather than playing a game. But the implementation of a new algorithm, when OpenAI granted Latitude access to its more powerful, commercial GPT-3 text generator, Walton stated that the AI ​​Dungeon began to introduce stories involving sexual situations with children.

This was not the case for people with access to a much broader word/reference pool as AI in the game players intentionally started writing about child pornography (although some people try). Sexual stories have been a part of the AI ​​Dungeon since the beginning – something not entirely unexpected for something of this nature. Latitude was asked to do something about this situation.

“In this case, content moderation was not difficult,” OpenAI CEO Sam Altman told Wired. “This is not the future for AI that any of us want.”  

Last week, Latitude implemented a new moderation tool. That would have shaken the entire AI Dungeon community. A combination of software tools and human interventions are used in the new moderation tool. Moderators have already banned users from intentionally creating erotic content featuring children.

Many users on Reddit and Twitter rage and dishonored Latitude. Many phrases are not allowed to create such as, “I turn on my 8-year-old laptop” will now get censored.

Redditor shared a screenshot of how the system flagged content for using the phrase, “Did you find that stupid green-jacket-wearing British boy?” and he wrote that this is stupid. However, some people in the community introduce human restraint on their privacy when developing sexually explicit content, which includes adults only for themselves.

Latitude asks users to be patient as it refines its filtering methods and content policies. They wrote in their blog that “it would continue to support other NSFW content, including consensual adult content, violence, and profanity.” Even still, moderating an AI can be challenging, considering that the text it generates can be pretty unpredictable. 

Now that we have started this topic let’s talk about the AI Dungeon in little more detail.

AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon

A text adventure game developed by Nick Walton to generate unlimited content using artificial intelligence. In AI Dungeon players can create their custom adventure setting. In May 2019, AI Dungeon’s first version was created. In December 2019, its online second version was released for iOS and Android. A pre-configured setting is available in AI Dungeon. You can publish adventure as it provides an interface for publishing adventure, with the ability to leave comments and upvote/like each one. Multiplayer mode (a new feature) is also introduced in whereby different players each have a dedicated character and can take turns interacting with the AI within the same game session.


To generate a limitless open-ended storyline AI Dungeon uses artificial intelligence. Players are greeted by the following opening during the first beginning 

“You’re about to enter a world of endless possibilities, where you can do absolutely anything you can imagine… Will you proceed?”

Three main interaction methods 

  1. Do: allow  players to perform an action
  2. Stay: allowing communication between the players
  3. Story: that players want the AI to know for future events, describing something that happens to progress the story.

Games’ Artificial Intelligence

It responds and adapts to all actions entered by the players. Options provided in the AI Dungeon:

  1. Blank input.
  2. Undo/redo.
  3. Option to explicitly tell AI what element to “remember”. 

Premium features 

  1. Advanced AI models can be accessed.
  2. For audio narration, the text-to-speech function is provided.
  3. Custom scripts.
  4. Configured advance setting (such as length and randomness level of responses).

AI Dungeon’s models

  • AI Dungeon classic (early GPT-2)
    • AI Dungeon classic (early GPT-2) is the first version of AI Dungeon, which is using an early version of the GPT-2 natural-language-generating neutral network created by OpenAI, allowing it to generate its own original adventure narratives. The size of the game was 5 GB.
  • AI Dungeon 2 (full GPT-2)
    • OpenAI released a full new version in November 2019. In April 2020, a multiplayer mode was added 1.5 billion parameters (which determine the accuracy with which a machine learning model can perform a task), compared with the 126 million parameter version used in earlier stages.
  • Dragon model release (GPT-3)
    • Dragon, a premium exclusive version of the AI model was introduced in July 2020, which uses OpenAI’s new API for leveraging the GPT-3 model without maintaining a local copy. The dragon was trained with 570GB of text content. Now many coherent stories can be maintained.


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