This year’s Summer Olympic Games will stream on NBC Olympics Twitch channel - Craffic

This Summer the Olympic Games are going to take place in Tokyo after being delayed due to the pandemic. NBC Olympics Twitch channel will stream daily highlight shows, athlete interviews, and Olympics-themed gaming competitions as well.

Twitch channel will be producing content inspired by the ‘passion and competition’ of the Games and will feature the talent from Twitch and NBC Olympics team. Twitch personalities will be included with commentary during the network’s primetime block which will encourage viewers to watch broadcast coverage.

The highlight shows will have polls and Q & As and that will be interactive as well. Also, streamers and viewers can work collectively to keep a virtual Torch alight by collecting items and being active in the channel’s conversation a week before the Olympic Games start. The channel will also be hosting a preshow before the opening ceremony day with the virtual streamers.

NBC Olympic Games 2020

You won’t be able to see any opening ceremony or any live sports on the Twitch channel and for that, you have to watch NBC. But the channel will be having co-streams with Twitch creators during the Olympic Games primetime broadcasts.

This will be quite interesting for Olympics fans who are planning to stream the content and they could find the coverage on NBC Olympics Twitch channel.

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