Amazon for First Time buys Planes to expand its Cargo Fleet

Amazon Air – Expanding Cargo fleet

Amazon seems like is soon going to be every field all due to its expansive nature. This can be said so because back in 2016, Prime Air– Amazon’s cargo air fleet consisting of 11 jets initially was set up to speed up their delivery system. And Amazon thinks by the end of 2022 it expects to have a fleet of more than 85 planes expanding over the USA and other countries as states to Bloomberg.

And they are doing so as they recently acquired 11 Boeing 767-300 planes. This is certainly a great add-on to Amazon’s expansive dream as they have not leased but they have purchased additional aircraft for its Amazon Air cargo operation.

Bought it, not Leased

Amazon Air

Amazon bought 11 new planes from 2 companies- four used aircraft from Canada’s WestJet and seven from Delta. And the former four are set to fly for the company later part of this year once they are modernized to carry cargo and the seven of Delta will be seen in 2022 to join Amazon Air. Amazon also cleared that these planes will be operated by contractors similar to the existing planes.

200 More planes

And in coming years we may see more than 200 aircraft included in Amazon’s air fleet which will put Amazon Air the same size that is operated by UPS. Still, Amazon with its plans of expanding more has been efficient enough to call out its continued reliance on companies like UPS and FedEx.



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