Among us in Rocket league

After doing hard work for several months, a team of some map builders and programmers have made it possible to play the internet sensation game Among Us inside the most popular motorsports soccer game, Rocket League.

Lethamyr, who’s a professional Rocket League player, teamed with a small group of creators to recreate a fully playable version of Among Us inside the Rocket League, building a large portion of the game from scratch. Lethamyr during the long wait in making this thing happen, continue to ensure players that with the help of this custom map cars in Rocket League will be able to do everything that crewmates and impostors can do in Among Us.

Now, a custom map for the Among Us is finally been completed and is available for everyone to play in Rocket League. Lethamyr uploaded a video on YouTube to give a brief view of the process of building the custom map and stating what players are capable to do inside the automotive remake. Now the minds behind the creation of the map are Lethamyr, Gidek, Cinderblock, and Corina (thanks Screenrant). These 4 people worked together to make sure that players will able to fully experience the impostor game from the comfort of their driver’s seat. And as you can see in the video below their hard work has really paid off.

By seeing the process behind recreating the Among Us fully playable in Rocket League makes it one of the most ambitious fan-made remakes from all other remakes available. One can also play Among Us in Minecraft, Fortnite but the amount of effort that Lethamyr and his team put into the Rocket League remake draws the others in comparison. And with this, there is now a cheaper and fairly impressive alternative of Among Us for PC players which is also free for everyone.

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