Check out this Apple and Raspberry Pi combo PC
Credit: Littlespleen

The Raspberry Pi may be known as a pocket-sized PC however it turns up in all way of spots. This creator, known as Littlespleen on the web, chosen to utilize an old Apple PC as lodging for a Raspberry Pi 4.

For this project, Littlespleen used a wrecked MacBook. This accurate model, the A1181, was picked due to the trackpad and keyboard which connects using USB—ideal for joining to a Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi 4 outputs video to the MacBook screen through an adaptor. As indicated by Littlespleen, there are some third-party controller boards available that can take input from HDMI/DVI and VGA and output to LCDs. Clients need to explore the specific model number while recreating this project to ensure a viable board is picked.

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Credit: Littlespleen

As space is at a higher cost than normal, cautious choices had to be made and one was a form factor. This required a few capacitors to be set on their side to account for the LCD controller board installation. The vast majority of the equipment was put under the keyboard after gutting the first internals. The locally available batteries power both the Raspberry Pi and the display, with cautious thought, made to incorporate a voltage regulator/switching power supply to guarantee the Pi just sees 5V.

The final product is a completely functional laptop that appears as Apple yet tastes like Raspberry. Check by yourself in video down below.


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