Apple Chargers to opt for GaN Tech for Lighter and Smaller Charger

Apple Charger Adapting

Last year Apple was in the talks of every curator, not only for their new iPhone 12 series but more for their idea of stop providing Apple chargers in the iPhone packaging for the sake of the environment. Not everyone was ready to accept this new ideology of Apple but they did not stop innovating their charging technology. Apple is trying to build something that consumers will prefer to buy and especially if the Apple charger will end up being more portable.

For years the battery technology has pretty much remained the same in smartphones and laptops but in contrast, the charger is running in their race. Many brands have not only led through fast charging in smartphones but also moving over to the use of GaN or Gallium nitride for the chargers themselves. GaN chargers are smaller and lighter and without getting into the nitty-gritty tech details they can deliver even higher power output.

2021- Apple Innovating

In 2021, Apple now according to the rumors is working on advancing their chargers and maybe launching 2 or 3 new power bricks this year as per analyst- Ming-chi Kuo. Though the details were not shared by him the rumors point to the direction of GaN technology.

GaN Technology in Apple Charger
GaN Tech

And to dig deep into the matter as per the reports of DigiTimes stating that Apple has given orders to Ireland-based Navitas Semiconductor and other vendors for its GaN-on-Si chips. These chips are supplied to companies like Anker, Aukey, and Belkin by Navitas that are specialists in power solutions like power banks and chargers. And in the latest products, GaN chargers are being embraced and marketed by these companies.

Date and Price

Though no such date has been cleared by Apple for their new chargers question may arise that if they release it what will be its cost. Although the price lines have not been the issue for other products of Apple-like MacBook Apple may surround itself controversy if it releases more expensive iPhone chargers after its removal from iPhone packaging.



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