Hyundai Motors in talks with Apple for Apple Car Production

Apple Car – Production?

As we all have been hearing more rumors about the upcoming “Apple Car” as of late, it appears to be that Apple is without a doubt in talks with automakers to deliver its first electric vehicle. Following a report from the Korean site Hankyung, Hyundai affirmed that it’s having early conversations with Apple about creating its new vehicle.

The original report from the Korean site claimed that Apple has been haggling with Hyundai Motor to produce the long-rumored Apple Car. Hyundai would help Apple produce its electric vehicles and build up the uncommon batteries that will power the Apple Car.

Apple Car

Apple Car -Atleast Five years away

As indicated by Hankyung, part of the development of vehicle components will happen at one of Hyundai Motors’ offices in the United States. The report likewise verifies what Bloomberg said recently regarding the Car being made by Apple actually being five to seven years away; as it claims the vehicle will be presented in 2027.

Notwithstanding, what’s additionally intriguing and sudden is that Hyundai itself affirmed these bits of gossip after the report. A representative for the organization revealed to CNBC that Apple is in conversations “with a variety of global automakers, including Hyundai Motor.”

Production – A Difficult Task

This isn’t the first occasion when those bits of gossip propose that Apple will depend on accomplices to manufacture its electric vehicle, as the Cupertino-based organization doesn’t have facilities prepared to produce a vehicle. A year ago, Reuters detailed that Apple Car production is expected to start in 2024 with an “advancement battery innovation” that offers longer reach and lower cost.

It’s as yet hazy when Apple will disclose the new project, however, it appears that the company is still working on “Apple Car” and are trying to introduce it before the next decade.



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