In 2018, Apple acquired the Shazam Music Recognition software, and now Apple is incorporating it in another huge way into IOS – this new Music Recognition feature can identify music playing around you and as well as in apps on your phone. And also when you hear music on your headphones.

The new functionality is supported in a Control Center toggle, but if you want to test it right now, it will need an iOS 14.2 developer beta. This toggle looks like a little Shazam icon and you’ve to tap it to start listening to your iPhone.

Apple is making Shazam one of the main component of your iPhone

You can already use Siri to summon Shazam and recognize the songs that are playing around, but it could be beneficial to be able to recognize music in your apps — if you wonder what song the creator chose for their TikTok or YouTube video this can be really helpful.

Interestingly, since June 2019, Android users have been able to use Shazam to recognize music played via their headphones. It’s not clear why it took more than a year to get to iOS.

We’re not yet sure if the final iOS 14.2 will come with this feature — iOS 14 only launched the other day — or if it could even fall to another update. But with the new iPhones expected to be released sometime in October, we could see a release around that time.


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