Apple One Subscription Plan Can Arrive This Week

Nowadays, you can sign up for several Apple subscriptions – from Apple Music to Apple TV Plus – and now there is some information that Apple is preparing to provide all of them in a package called Apple One.

Code found in iOS by 9to5Mac and website domain registrations detected by MacRumours all evidently validate the Apple One name, but we don’t get anything in the way of actual details on what’s coming.

Apple One Subscription Plan Can Arrive This Week

Previous insider reports indicate that there will be several different bundles available, beginning with the audio and video streaming platforms, and going up to include Apple Arcade and even iCloud storage.

The package could also include a new service: the speculation is that Apple is going to launch a wireless health and fitness plan, close to those sold by Fitbit and Peloton that will be included in Apple One.

Advantages of Apple One

The benefit of Apple One, once it ever exists, is that you’d save money relative to taking up one of these different packages – but clearly, the best alternative will be not to sign up for anything.

Apple One Subscription Plan Can Arrive This Week

It will ideally be seeing more customers dedicated to making a purchase month after month from Apple’s opinion. It may also be a way to move more users to less-known Apple goods, including Apple News Plus.

We don’t know precisely what the price for Apple One is going to be right now, but Apple probably doesn’t want to set it so high that it scares off consumers. If you already have subscribed to one of these services, you might be able to save a little cash every month.

This week we should learn more about Apple One, as Apple is having a launch event planned for Tuesday, September 15. We are expecting a new Apple Watch and a new iPad Air to turn up, and maybe some info from Number One – but the launch of the iPhone 12 could come a few weeks later.


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