In its own retail store, Apple just made its competitors vanish, anyway. As Bloomberg reports, The company has unexpectedly stopped selling audio devices from Bose, Logitech, and Sonos, including the popular Bose noise-canceling headphones, which is almost certainly a direct competitor to the headphones that company has been repeatedly rumored to be ready to announce sometime this year.

Instead, you can find messages like these when you go to find a product like the Logitech Ultimate Ears Megaboom speaker or those Bose headphones, you’ll get a message:

apple store
chrome 1sM2ER34G5

But Google’s cache reveals these items were on sale as late as mid-September :

Apple store Bose  headphones
Apple store megaboom 3

The “headphones and speakers” product page of the Apple Store now consists exclusively of their own products as a result of the removals, with no competing vendors to be found. And Bloomberg reports that the company’s employees have been told to remove these products from physical retail shelves as well.

Companies will no longer sell their devices on Apple Store

Both Bose and Logitech reported to Bloomberg that their audio devices will not be sold by Apple anymore.

It’s not the first time that Bose products have vanished from the Apple Store, and it was fairly brief the last time, but now it’s a bigger blow to Bose, now the company no longer has its own competitor stores in shopping malls around the world, so it relied at least partly on the position of Apple stores. In the Apple Store, Logitech also offers all sorts of other products, including keyboards and cameras, but there are no other categories for Bose and Sonos to offer.

Until now, Big tech company seemed more pleased to bring in its stores some competing accessories, and let the best product win. I wonder what’s been changing?

iPhone maker is commonly expected to hold a hardware event later this month, and reports say that it might happen on October 13th.



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