Astronauts Held Their Very First Space Olympics On ISS

Athletes of different country’s rooted for the Olympics started on 23 July in Tokyo and citizens are watching them competing with each other. Filled with Olympic Spirit the astronauts from the International Space Station (ISS) are also cheering them and even held their very first Space Olympics in the ISS last week. The videos and pictures of games held in the station were shared by the astronauts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr.

“Today the Olympics start in Tokyo, but we held the very first space Olympics last week,”  French astronaut Thomas Pesquet wrote in a caption of a photo album uploaded to Facebook, Twitter over the weekend. “For crew cohesion, we put together a friendly competition between the #Soyuz team and the #CrewDragon team. With sports specific to space, mind you.”

Thomas further stated (via that they kicked off the first Space Olympics by holding cosmic games ranging from synchronized floating to long jumps, and no-hand ball.

To make the Olympics event in Space more magnificent astronauts tied all the country’s flags on the entire orbital station roof. Thomas also shared a video on the official Olympics Instagram giving his best wishes to participants and saying they will be watching them from 400 Km away from the earth.

Last but not least, a spectacular picture from the Maxar Earth-observation satellite is shared and displaying Japan’s National Stadium in Tokyo which is surrounded by sports complexes. As you can see below:

Satellite image of The Japan National Stadium in Tokyo
Satellite image of The Japan National Stadium in Tokyo. Credit: Maxar Technologies



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