Batman Grappling Gun made by YouTuber in 1 Year

Batman Grappling Gun in Reality

Have you ever imagined playing the role of your favorite character from DC? Of course yes and if you have played Just cause or watched a Batman movie, you must have observed the amazing batman grappling gun. So inspiring from this hook- JT, YouTuber with the name Built IRL made this happen for real with his efforts through the past year. And the result is what we have seen in the movies and games as it functions pretty similarly.

And the grappling gun observed here in the video down is one of the best attempts ever observed. This can be said so because the unit is a single piece that fits on his arm with a blasting mechanism powered by CO2 and shoots the hook using standard cartridges with a very fast and robust 10,000W motor that can pull him completely into the air. He also showcased his previous attempts in making his Batman grappling gun and it seems like he would win the competition for the grappling gun.

It Works

This gun produced is completely different from the commonly found DIY grappling guns as it has control features along with it which are – he can land back on Earth, control speed and direction with a wheel near his thumb.

But it’s not something that could be used to do anything we would wish as it has some limitations which a Batman movie would not have as it is a work of fiction. As this device uses a powerful motor so it is hard to control and he was attached to the harness all the time to spread the impact of the pull all over the body.

Batman Grappling gun
Pretty small for a device that can haul a human at such speed.

And it does seem easy in Overwatch or Titanfall 2 but it is difficult to wrap a grappling hook around whatever you’re trying to climb. This is true for a situation when something is being shot out attached with your arm with this much great force.

Spiderman Shooting Web Next

Although there may be some drawbacks to the device it looks to work almost perfectly and it is something amazing to witness. And he is not ending his triumph over here as he aims to leap forward and work on a version of Spider-Man’s web-shooters.  And the ones interesting in the building of the Batman grappling gun can check out this playlist of videos detailing the project’s evolution.


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