nap replace sleep

Can a Nap Replace Sleep Of 8 Hours?

In today's world, getting less sleep is considered as directly proportional to more productivity. And this is a big question for everyone...

Ten Facts About the Black Holes Discovered in 2021 that Astonished the World

Black holes are like a wild beast in this universe and every year the mind-blowing and amazing findings by researchers about them...
fossils of a baby dinosaur

Baby Yingliang- fossils of a baby dinosaur in an egg found recently

The fossils of a baby dinosaur in eggs, of around 66 million years old are found in China and are right now...

Why does chocolate make us happy and reduce stress?

Take a piece of chocolate, put that in your mouth, close your eyes and enjoy the inexpressible moment. That's it. It is...
organic neuromorphic electronics

Organic Neuromorphic Electronics: Process of Conceiving and Venturing

Have you ever heard of Organic Neuromorphic Electronics? When we talk about the working of the human brain it works differently from...
universe collapse into black hole

Why Didn’t The Universe Collapse Into Black Hole Shortly After the Big Bang?

Have you ever thought about actually 'Why didn't the universe collapse into black hole shortly after the big bang?' the question is...

Inner peace and happiness, all you need in this cluttered world

Inner peace is being calm mentally and spiritually. Inner peace does not mean remaining silent but it is the feeling of mental...

Black Hole, The Most Destructive Thing In The Universe!

A black hole is a thing or place in space where the gravitational pull is so much that it absorbs light in...
b centauri b

b Centauri b, Challenges Previous Assumptions of Exoplanets

Here comes the discovery of a new exoplanet named b Centauri b. Well, an Exoplanet, a planet that does not orbit the...
why do we feel alone

Feel Alone!!! Why Do We Feel Alone Sometimes?

Loneliness, a bad and emotional mindset that everyone has to go through at some moment in their life. It is not the...