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Inner peace is being calm mentally and spiritually. Inner peace does not mean remaining silent but it is the feeling of mental peace and satisfaction despite the chaos and difficulties of life.

Inner peace is happiness

Inner peace and happiness are closely related to each other. Happiness can be said as a synonym of inner peace. Which one of these two leads to the other?  The answer is simple and is that inner peace generates happiness to a great extent. Happiness can be temporary because of its temporary reasons but inner peace never makes someone lose control of their mind.

Inner peace changes the perspective of seeing any life condition. It makes us take decisions and actions calmly whose results subsequently create happiness. When we are happy due to any reason, let’s say we have achieved something, then we are calm and joyful from the inside but the next moment when we see someone achieving more than us our happiness starts diminishing.

And in such conditions, inner peace assists your reason for happiness. Inner peace and happiness are assisting each other, in which inner peace has a greater role. Inner peace nourishes the reason for happiness by creating mental and spiritual stability. Happiness to some extent makes us feel calm and satisfied but that feeling starts decreasing as soon as the reason for happiness decreases. While such is not the case with inner peace, once you achieved it, it required specific practices discussed in a later section to maintain it. Inner peace simply changes someone’s whole perspective of seeing life conditions.

Let’s see who is spying on your inner peace and happiness

What disturbs inner peace and happiness?

We all in our lives tend to lose control over small things. Whether it’s negative talk from friends or judgemental comments. The external forces easily take away inner peace. Although these forces are not having meaning in our lives, we tend to lose our inner peace and happiness over them.

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Here are some other reasons-

  • Focusing on others opinions about you

No one can control the thoughts of validation of others. But still, humans need that next person to think the best about them. It does not matter what our actions, thoughts, behavior is. Other people may dislike you, probably because they do not agree with your opinions. When we look for others’ validation of our achievements and thoughts, when we try to impress others, we are simply giving control of our inner peace and happiness to them.

  • Feeling too much guilt

Humans are not perfect and feeling excessive humiliation over any life condition will affect your thoughts about yourself and the surrounding world. As we are the image of our thoughts and if we take much self-blame, we are just sacrificing our happiness and so the inner peace. Instead of this we can ponder upon our thoughts and can look for a better approach in the future.

  • Worrying about past and future

 Inner peace and happiness can never be achieved if we are not able to move on from the past. Thinking too much about the future creates mental instability. If we just carry past happenings with us and worry about the future, we will never be able to focus on the present as in such cases we will have no inner peace and happiness.

The easy way to move on from the past is to learn what went wrong, trying to focus on correcting mistakes and that’s it. The future will be better if we focus on correcting our mistakes in the present than those done in the past.

  • Greediness 

Another thing with the potential to destroy inner peace is expecting more and more. When we become greedy, our satisfaction is not achieved and we tend to lose inner peace and happiness in search of more.  Our main focus should be, Is it enough? , do I need more if yes then why? These are some questions one should look to get answers from themselves. Greed never allows us to be stable as the more we achieve, the more our needs increase.

  • Looking for perfection early

 Becoming perfect in any field is not an easy task. Instead of looking for excellence is better. If we expect more, then we should work for it. But setting impossible goals is only meant to destabilize your mind. It only creates a hectic feeling and takes away inner peace and happiness.

  • Becoming materialistic

 Inner peace and happiness never increased with the increase of money and wealth. Despite this, it creates a danger to them. Having a materialistic mind and approach will end in disappointment as someday, something will not be in your control and reach. Material possession is dangerous for mental peace. Minimalist’s approach is way better.

 How to get Inner peace and happiness in life?

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The easiest and most effective way is to control your thoughts. There are different ways to gain inner peace like psychological ways, positive affirmations, yoga, meditation, and visualization.

Here is what you need to do extra to attain inner peace and happiness-

  • Control the mind

Our mind is just like a room. If it is filled with self-doubts and self-limiting thoughts then you will never find peace in such a badly arranged and mismanaged room. Telling the mind to work in a specific direction with positive thoughts and affirmations is a boon to humans. It requires a conscious reminder to think in a specific way. Meditation and spirituality assist in getting and maintaining that inner peace.

  • Stop doing comparison

Comparing your life with others is what you need to stop as soon as possible. Because comparison is a big stone on the way to achieving inner peace. It irritates your own life. One can get rid of such thoughts by simply doing meditation or constantly reminding the mind that everything is best with me.

  • Be responsible for your actions

Accept the results of your actions because when we accept our mistakes rather than just making excuses, we are on our way to achieving things calmly. You also need to realize that we are humans and everything is not in our control. Such self-accepting facts stop the blame game and create mental harmony. Setting a bar for yourself is very much important.

Thinking freely to achieve big is good, but the practical, possible, and small approach is better and does not create any chaos and mental instability. Expecting too much sometimes causes fear, which then takes away happiness and inner peace.

  • Have brakes

Taking breaks is very much important. Whether the break is from social media or toxic friends. It allows us to look upon our thoughts and behavior ourselves to maintain inner peace and happiness.

Inner peace and happiness is an ultimate success

Just think for a moment that if we use all our energy in achieving our goals and not enjoying the process in between, it might end up with failure, then frustration, and regrets. Enjoying the process means approaching your goals calmly and happily. This does not mean that one should not need to work hard for goals, it means that one should look for inner peace and happiness as these things allow you to achieve goals without any panic and fear.

The probability of your success increases if you make inner peace and happiness your companion. Inner peace allows focusing our mind rather than having distracting thoughts. Mental peace helps in taking daily life actions effectively. It sharpens humans’ five senses, brings calmness, and forces an individual to focus more on mental and physical actions required for success.

Inner peace assists the inner strength and courage to take bold actions in life without any hesitation. It deletes impatience, anger, and nervousness in human behavior.

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Success is subjective and its meaning varies from person to person but in the end, we are humans and want to have peaceful relationships with people around us. Happiness does not depend on external factors, one has to develop it from within. Success depends upon so many factors like your thoughts, planning, actions. Inner peace and happiness make your way easier to achieve and such things.

Don’t force yourself to get inner peace and happiness. Achieve it through meditation or any other psychological means, then maintain it. You will surely complete any task of your life without any fear.


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