Here's what Lo-fi Music means and why it got so popular during the pandemic?

So, today I’ll be talking about that music type which got so popular due to its relaxing feel i.e. Lo-fi music. In today’s time, we all love listening to music and this is a part of our lives. Especially, nowadays when it comes to what music type then we surely go for Lo-fi music.

All the elements that make Lo-fi popular now had virtually no appreciation in the 1960s and were actually deemed undesirable by the music producers who viewed the genre as trash. But, after that things got changed. During this pandemic, young generations came to know about this music type that had already existed and new artists have taken it out more nicely. So, let us discuss what Lo-fi music is, its relaxing and calming feel, and why it got so popular during the pandemic. Let’s get started.

What is Lo-fi music?  

Lo-fi stands for “low fidelity” which refers to the production quality of a musical piece. This is a kind of sound recording that contains technical flaws that make the recording sound different from the live sound being recorded such as background noise, distortion, hum, or limited frequency response.

We can say that Lo-fi music is DIY music and you’ll be surprised by the musicians who have influenced the Lo-fi genre. Many use the Lo-fi recording technique, combining compressed vocals, electric guitars, and vocal effects with minimum music and mixing them into their own tapes, shared with fellow listeners and enthusiasts worldwide.

Who created Lo-fi music?

Two names are almost always given as the godfathers of this genre – one is Japanese DJ and producer Nujabes and the other one is an American rapper and producer J Dilla. They fused elements of hip hop, jazz, and electronica to create a unique and signature sound. It first came during the 1950s.

How Lo-fi music is made?

Basically, it is a genre of music produced with low-fidelity signals, recreating the hiss, warble, and saturation of recordings made with the tape machine, and mostly, it draws on hip hop influences especially its typical drum patterns. But, in recent years it has taken a lot of different meanings.

Today’s Lo-fi music producers bend samples into tracks that evoke the sound of 90s car stereos.

Why is Lo-fi music becoming so popular?

It became popular due to its relaxing beats. Lo-fi is like a soothing response to an anxious and burnt-out world. There are a lot more different reasons why people are drawn to this genre – they look for that music that reflects how they feel, how they are living, and how they are going through.

Many experts have connected this style of beat production to the sounds of southern raps because the beat is produced at a low sampling rate.

Why Lo-fi music draws listeners in?

Lo-fi music streams are drawing a million listeners on Youtube. Those who connect to Lo-fi music for the first time, whatever the format, instantly feel some sense of community. Toni Blackman, a musician, an artist, a teacher, and the first hip hop ambassador to the US state department, felt back when she first heard of it decades ago and said “I felt like I had found home”.

This music has a great impact on listeners in a very positive way that helps them to burn their stress.

What is the relationship between music and empathy?

In today’s time, we all want to hear that type of music with which we can relate to, or be touched. So, music could be understood better with the lens of empathy. To be a good listener or a great artist, the main skill required is the ability to “see” and “feel” and creativity comes from deeply felt emotions.

Beyond Youtube

During this pandemic, Young listeners who come across these live streams or playlists for the first time often think that Lo-fi is a new phenomenon. This also seems that there is a lack of knowledge on part of the youngster generations that this style of music already existed. Not only was it around long before youtube but the old school hip-hop and jazz inspiring the soundtracks comes from Black culture.

COVID-19 introduced more people to a kind of hip hop they have never heard of before. In quarantine, some musicians were trying new things and others were experimenting with becoming musicians themselves. Hip Hop is the most listened to music in the world right now and it’s because people respond to the beat.

Till now, you might have realized the importance of Lo-fi music in one’s life and why one should start listening to Lo-fi music. The perks of listening to such music help in attaining mental peace and remain calm. Music is something we can’t remain cut off with. It has given a chance for new artists to showcase their talent and establish their mark in the music industry.

The Lo-fi genre became inseparably bound to the anime aesthetic and the nostalgia attached to it. Paired with classic anime visuals, this new “chillwave” uses nostalgia as a powerful aesthetic that can have you daydreaming for hours on end.


So, I hope that now you all know about what Lo-fi music is and why this music has got so much popularity. I think all your queries about Lo-fi music have been cleared. These days, it is the most trending one and also my personal favorite as it is so relaxing and keeps me calm. This trend will never go away as it has a huge community of lovers.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Everybody has different tastes in music and that matters, some might like this genre or some not. Do comment down your favorite track these days and stay tuned for further updates.  



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