'ChilledCow' rebrands to 'Lofi Girl': Same Lofi-Vibe but with A New Name - Craffic

On its sixth anniversary, the creator of the hugely popular lo-fi music YouTube channel “ChilledCow” announced that she is rebranding her channel to “Lofi Girl.” ChilledCow (now known as ‘Lofi Girl’) is best known for its chill, cozy beats and most importantly for the iconic lopping animations of the girl, known as ‘lofi girl’ in pop culture, sitting on her desk and doing her homework.

As you can see in the above Tweet, Lofi Girl has stated that how tough the decision was but she has to take it because the name “ChilledCow was no longer reflective of what the channel is about anymore and needs a new one”. She also assured her followers that “this change won’t affect in any way the content on the channel but will instead pave the way for many exciting projects for you all in the future!” and that “the channel has been and always will be about music, art, and positivity only.”

Lo-fi has become a massively popular genre today thanks to YouTube creators who make these and have spawned some other similar genre too like: ‘lo-fi hiphop’, ‘lo-fi mix’ and ‘chillhop’. These songs often have looping beats and mixed-in retro audio or voice clips.

However, the rebranding of ChilledCow can be viewed officially as YouTube channel is named Lofi Girl now, along with the Facebook and Twitter accounts as @lofigirl. Although the Instagram account is still @chilledcow_yt, but will be changed soon. The channel and its content remain the same and there is still a live stream of the chill electronic beats to work or relax to.



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