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A reboot can provide an opportunity to rethink flawed plot elements, reinvent aspects of a series that might not have aged well, rework the pacing of certain stories and character arc. Today’s list consists of anime reboots that were better than the originals.

#6 Ushio and Tora (2015-16)

The 2015 take was an attempt from scratch as compared to the 1992 original. The actual version had a classic vibe and fairly decent animation quality but with the reboot, it took the action scenes all the way to eleven. The premise is simple enough with a focus on human and spirit having to team up in order to fight against other eviler spirits invading the human realm.

Watch it on: Crunchyroll, Netflix

#5 Hellsing Ultimate (2006-12)

Hellsing’s new creators were able to easily pull off the classic anime. The reboot played well from a storytelling standpoint. The original lacked in the gritty interpretation of the vampires but the gritty reboot doesn’t lack in the traditional vampire department.

Watch it on: Netlfix, Funimation

#4 Mr. Osomatsu (2016-18)

The reboot was created to honor Fujio Akatsuka’s favorite manga series Osomatsu-Kun. 2015 adaptation puts the Matsu brothers in the forefront. Throughout the show we see how each of the brothers interact with each other and how they interact with other recurring characters and most relationships in the show are explored to great effect. The comedic timings are always great and the running gags constantly evolve throughout the show. Moreover, all the popular voice actors are in the show.

Watch it on: Netflix, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime

#3 Fruits Basket (2019-)

It was originally good, to begin with except for the over-the-top slapstick humor. The revamp faithfully follows the manga more than the original. The 2019 reboot portrays characters learning from each other and the actual growth the author brought in the manga. A better and newer art style makes the reboot far less dramatic as compared to the 2001 version.

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#2 Hunter X Hunter (2011-14)

The original may certainly have merits but there is no denying that the reboot exceeded all expectations. So much so, many pin this reboot as the best example of a shonen anime to date. It also covers arcs that weren’t animated in the original series. It becomes a fan favorite upon first glance with pulse-pounding storytelling, frantic adventure, and a more intimate portrayal of the characters.

Watch it on: Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu

#1 Dororo (2019)

The reboot holds on to the essential components of each character’s design but drastically tones down their exaggerated illustrated feature and renders them with more delicate line work bringing the show in line with modern anime production. It feels rooted in the time it is set with enough realism. This change in style reflects an intentional move away from the relative simplicity of the manga storytelling. More complex motivations and new underlying religious themes frame the characters and these thematic changes transform the series from a mostly straightforward adventure into a nuanced theologically charged exploration of man’s capacity for both good and evil, and this shift in focus has knock-on effects on many key characters.

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