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VIZ Media’s Shonen Jump line-up has been home to the “future of shonen” which is otherwise known as Chainsaw Man since 2018. From the day it hit the shelves up until now when we have reached the end of the first phase we are only witnessing increased hype for every new take from the creators: the upcoming second part of the series as well as the anime adaptation under Studio MAPPA. As for further details regarding the anime adaptation, MAPPA will be announcing the same at the event of their 10th year anniversary on June 27.

This is our take on why the Chainsaw Man anime adaptation is so anticipated?

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man, you will always remember it for pulling off some of the greatest twists in manga history. The world of Chainsaw Man is full of creatures called Devils and this guy Denji is the center of the story. Denji, the not-so-lucky teenager, is trapped under the crushing weight of his dead dad’s debt to the Yakuza. So, he spends every day fighting and killing devils with the help of Pochita, his devil pet chainsaw dog, and selling their body parts to the mob for pocket change. In the process, he forms contact with Pochita and they fuse and thus, start his journey as Chainsaw man.

Shortly thereafter, some public security devil hunters show up to take down the Zombie devil, only to find Denji has beaten them with his Chainsaw Punch. Thus, their leader, Makima takes him in as a new recruit. This setup is hilarious shonen material but at the same time, the series has a way of toppling reckoning and diverge into some of the most thoroughly muddling horrors you’ll find in any manga.

Studio MAPPA Will Bring A Great Surprise For Fans Of Chainsaw Man - Craffic

Even before the much-anticipated anime adaptation, there is a huge demand for the merchandise. More than 9 million manga copies had been sold out since its birth making it a massively popular shonen manga. From what we have witnessed so far, an anime adaptation contributes to the sale of manga. So the numbers are bound to increase after the anime adaptation is released by Studio MAPPA.

The series is applauded for its quirky design and crazy characters who forgo any commonplace tropes. There is so much to really gain from the story: What makes us human? Why does it matter to have a dream? What makes it to where you have emotions for something? What does it mean to actually want something? The psychological, dark, and gritty story, things that make you think, crude humor, and incredibly graphic gore that is exactly what Chainsaw Man has to offer. Exceptional content, surface-level violence, character ambitions are obvious features of Chainsaw Man’s world-building and the courage to get out of the box has made more and more readers get pumped up about the manga.

Another big player is MAPPA, the studio behind anime adaptation for the same. In recent years Studio MAPPA has managed to include several big projects under their banner. From the creativity of Dororo to the trusting of Attack on Titan Season 4 creators and the incredible animation of Jujutsu Kaisen, there is plenty to love about Studio MAPPA. MAPPA has earned the title of ‘Hitmaker’ as their shows are great and more significantly, popular.

With this hype, Chainsaw Man is bound to stand out among other releases and set and new shonen trend.



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