Studio MAPPA Will Bring A Great Surprise For Fans Of Chainsaw Man - Craffic

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man will finally debut as an anime adaptation. Such production rumors have been spreading since December last year but it has now been officially confirmed. Studio MAPPA is going to commemorate its 10th year anniversary by showcasing a trailer for the same on June 27. Further details are anticipated to be revealed in the upcoming event. So cross your chainsaws and look forward to the announcements this June.

With a dark theme, a great set of characters, dark humor, and extremely gory action Chainsaw Man has become one of the Weekly Shonen Jump’s ‘Big Three’ manga. There are few mangas quite like Chainsaw Man. It begins with a protagonist Denji who lives in a world full of supernatural beings rising from fear known as devils.

Denji owns a devil dog named Pochita with a chainsaw on his head. He owes the yakuza a good load of money, so they hunt devils to make some extra coins to pay back the millions of debt. In the process, he forms contact with Pochita and they fuse and thus, start his journey as Chainsaw man.

ChainSaw Man Denji

Chainsaw Man has ended its run with its parent magazine last year. These last 97 chapters are only one part of a larger story and the series would actually continue. For now, a second part has been announced to continue in a completely different magazine.

Studio MAPPA is famous for producing hits such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Dorohedoro, The God of High School and Attack on Titan Season 4, etc. Let’s hope for the best to see the new anime adaptation in action this fall.


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