One thing that most of the people think and believe is that video games are worthless and will do no good to us in the long run. Well, everything has its pros and cons.

Video games teach you some lessons that school may never teach you about. From a very young age we have been told to maintain good grades and then go to a good university get a decent job and then? Then what? We should do what we enjoy. We should make the most out of it. Video games are more than just games. Let us know how:

Learn how to control it

In MMORPG , Guild Wars: Factions, you’re conveyed to save the world from the backstabber Shiro Tagachi, killer of the sovereign. The destiny of the mainland Cantha lies in your grasp. Your endeavors alone choose if a huge number of individuals will live or kick the bucket. You need to spare the world.

Same goes with the life the control is in your hands you have to have a clear mission and an aim. You yourself have to do it; no one else but you.

Mainland Cantha

When control is in your hands be responsible, have an aim a clear mission and an answer to everything from what to do to how to do it.

Well, it is easier said than done. But when we do it step by step, everything seems easy.

Believe in yourself

Let’s talk about the old times, in the era of Mario, the graphics were odd, the characters were blocky and the colours would hurt you eyes. But what they focused most was on the story telling and the details about it were just so fantastic. We low-key still want to play Mario and all the games of that era. The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind appears as though somebody painted it utilizing only his left foot and a messed up brush, however it’s the most vivid game ever. There are a bunch of missions, characters, books, privileged insights, caverns, organizations, and accounts to investigate. The covers are deceptive the truth lies beneath the game.

Super Mario

In life, superficial is frequently deceptive. Never rely on superficial things always have faith in yourself. Believing in you will lead to a life with no regrets. Though society hypes money and status but you do what makes you happy, there is nothing better than happiness. Work hard for your happiness, not for money. Always ask yourself that what you are doing is important or not and follow your instincts.

Ignorance is the key

There are going to be some people who will try to pull you down no matter what. People will try to touch your nerves. Try to ignore them. Being a girl people would slut-shame me, fun fact I am a virgin. Isn’t this amazing? However, with each time I hit the ignore button in a game, I figured out how to give less fucks. I discovered that many individuals talk shit and you don’t need to hear them out. All things considered, you can just pivot and leave. You don’t owe anyone anything, particularly your time. Time is precious don’t waste it.

Life is going to unfair kid!

Life is not meant to be easy peazy lemon squeezy. It is about squeezing lemons with cuts in your fingers. So suck it up!

In the game, you play a Witcher, a slayer of beasts, who spares society from malicious animals and an intermittent corrupt guardsman. The hero Geralt is a genuine legend — aside from no one deals with him like one. People don’t do justice to Geralt. He just focuses on himself. People would call him with disgusting names but guess what? He doesn’t care at all. Be like Geralt.

Witcher 3

He focuses on his way and does what witchers do — killing beasts. Also, on the grounds that he acknowledges his destiny, he’s ready to make the most out of his existence with the couple of genuine companions he has. Life’s out of line, however that doesn’t mean it’s awful.

It’s life with ups and downs. There are going to be good days but there are also gonna be bad days. Focus on your work what you have to do.

Things to remember

  1. Have control over your life. Trust yourself the most.
  2. Always follow your instincts.
  3. Love what you do and do what you love.
  4. Happiness matters more than money and status.
  5. Ignore and move on. Don’t let anything bother with your mental peace.
  6. Life is difficult but it’s beautiful as well.
  7. Live your life to its fullest.


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