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Netflix’s New Documentary Series Says Afterlife Exists

Afterlife, some people believe that there is something more than life. That's why the idea of the afterlife came into existence. This idea itself is pretty dumb but looks like now people are trying...
GPD WIN 3 brings Old Design to Handheld gaming PC with New Hardware

GPD WIN 3 brings Old Design to Gaming Handheld PC with New Hardware

GPD WIN 3 - Bringing Newer Hardware Nintendo Switch has been a lifesaver for a handful of businesses as it helped in gaining interest in portable gaming consoles and rejuvenated some businesses that capitalized this...
New Asus ROG phones

The new ASUS ROG phones could have some major design changes!

Samsung commenced 2021 with the powerhouse that is the Galaxy S21 Ultra at the same time, but in all honesty, it doesn't represent the apex of Smartphone performance. To see those, you'd need to...
new study of rna

This New Study Of RNA Can Help In Curing Most Of The RNA Related...

RNA is Ribonucleic Acid: a class of single-stranded molecules. It helps in coding and decoding and also regulates and expresses the genes. We are studying RNA for a while and recently Julius Lucks, an associate...