How Avada Kedavra works/ kills?

Avada Kedavra is the spell for the Killing Curse, which is one of the three Unforgivable Curses. For the most part, the spell is unblockable and causes a moment and effortless demise, which leaves no hint of injury or savagery on the body when the revile capacities effectively. Outwardly, the revile shows up as a glimmer of green light.


It is pronounced as ah-VAH-dah keh-DAV-rah


Avada kedavra is declared ‘unforgivable’ by the Ministry of Magic. It is a true sinister spell. There are two more such curses like crusio also known as cruciatus curse and imperio which is known as imperius curse. In the year 1717, these curses were declared as ‘unforgivable’ as the Ministry of Magic resolute that these are too dangerous to be used freely in the world of wizards. A strict penalty was also put with their use which was life imprisonment in Azkaban. These curses were the darkest curses ever created.

The most dangerous curse Avada Kedavra caused instant death. It created a green bolt of light which simply drop the victim dead. One thing which is still not clear is how the spell kills the victim. Avada kedavra leaves no traces on the dead. So, the question arises how does this spell work? Or how it kills people?

Starting from the book The Goblet of fire’s chapter ‘the Riddle house’, the Riddle family was found dead. The Police examined the bodies and concluded that no traces of poison, strangle, any shot, or any kinds of stabs were found. It was very odd for the police as the family was not harmed at all. Even the health reports were fine but the doctor noticed that the bodies had a strange look on their face, as if they were terrified. This means that the curse leaves no physical trace. So what does this spell do?

Cedric diggory dead by Avada Kedavra

Some people argue that the killing curse simply causes the organs to stop especially the heart, but if it is so, then the death would take a little more time, the killing curse on the other hand works instantaneously which is the reason why they’re an expression of terror on the face of the victim. The death from the curse Avada kedavra is more diaphanous. ‘Soul’ is the key theme of the whole harry potter.

The dementors for example sucked the soul which would leave the person alive but lifeless. Similarly, the curse would attack the soul directly. The curse is more effective than the dementors’ kiss, as the curse would cause death straight away. If the soul is taken away from the body entirely then the person will obviously die. The concept of Horcrux supports that the soul is what keeps us alive. So, when the soul is taken away from the body the person dies.



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