iPhone12 Steve Jobs turtle neck

The iPhone 12 series is Apple’s new and greatest addition to its portfolio, and smartphones have been reasonably well received by the tech community as consumers. The iPhone 12 brings back the old school boxer style language we all enjoyed on our old iPhone 4. In my opinion, the design of the iPhone 4 was one of the best that Apple has ever released. We’re just pretty hyped up about it now that it’s back. However, Caviar took things up a note as it personalized the iPhone 12 Pro with a piece of Steve Jobs’ turtleneck embedded in the Apple logo.

The New iPhone 12 Pro From Caviar Embeds Steve Jobs’ Turtleneck Piece in the Apple Logo, Prices Start From $6,490

The latest custom iPhone 12 from Caviar features a style that reminds us of the iPhone 4. The product is named “iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4” and is dedicated to Steve Jobs and marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 was the last model that Steve Jobs had presented on stage. Caviar’s latest customization includes the new iPhone 12 Pro and its larger iPhone 12 Pro Max in white, blackened titanium, and luxurious gold.

The last iPhone presented by Steve Jobs

Only the back of the iPhone was played with, customized to make it more unique. However, one of the most important aspects that makes this model more unique is the inclusion of a piece of Steve Job’s iconic black turtleneck inside the Apple logo. The lower part of the unit is embossed with Steve Jobs’ autograph and the company’s famous slogan, “Think different.” 

The white model of Caviar’s custom iPhone 12 Pro is made of G10 composite, coated with jewelry enamel. In addition, the Apple logo is made of 925 sterling silver. The gold model, on the other hand, is made of 18-carat gold, and the emblem is made of 750 gold. There’s no question that Caviar’s custom iPhone 12 Pro models are a luxury, and only Steve Jobs’ dead-hard fans would own it if they had a wallet for it. Internally, the iPhone is no different from the standard iPhone 12 Pro model sold by Apple. See the video below for more information.

As for pricing, the iPhone 12 Pro personalized by Caviar with a piece of Steve Jobs’ turtleneck embedded in the Apple logo begins at $6,490. This will be a black titanium model with a capacity of 128 GB of storage. The versions go up to $10,140 with 512GB memory for the black and gold iPhone 12 Pro Max. Caviar is renowned for its customized versions of iPhones made of pricey materials and fancy designs. On the official website of Caviar, you can check out all the items.


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